Virtues of health stones on the body and the spirit

health stones

Since the dawn of the 21st century, individual wellbeing and wellness have become a priority, as more people resort to different forms of therapeutic courses of action. As a result, lithotherapy has been adopted widely across the globe as a source of medical and therapeutic healing. According to litho therapy, various natural stones constitute unique energetic vibrations that vary with their chemical compositions, colour, and crystallisation, influencing their environments. These energetic vibrations are believed to influence an individual’s emotional, psychological, and physical states, a power well known as virtues of stones. For more information on the virtues of health stones, browse through this website This article provides insights into some of the virtues of stones on the body and the spirit.


While most people use it as natural stone jewellery, Agate brings plenty of health benefits to the body and spirit. Agate is known to be a great source of harmonising and rebalancing the mind, spirit, and body. The following are virtues that come with the Agate stone;

• Effective in the soothing of pains, including back pain, cramps, headaches, and other aches,

• Promotion of speech and digestion.

• Some types of agate stones help in overcoming addictions.

• Enhances smooth and healthy skin.

• Used to treat scalp diseases, such as baldness.

• Causes calmness of the soul and spirit.

• Boosts confidence and self-esteem.


The healing and therapeutic powers of the Amazonite stone are linked to the filtering of traumas, stresses, and release of soothing energies. The stone properties of the Amazonite are responsible for the following virtues;

• Release of toxic emotions.

• Enhances speech and communication.

• Acts as an antidepressant.

• It is a stone of harmony and peace, and negative thoughts do not affect it.

• Curbs deterioration of teeth.

• Strengthens the nervous system.

• Enhances deep sleep.

• Enhances the development of maternal instincts.

• Promotes the softening of character.


The Aventurine stone benefits the nervous system and thymus gland. Aventurine is also known to be an all-round healing stone. Here are some stone virtues linked to Aventurine;

• Control of heart-related problems.

• Highly effective in reacting against skin impurities and allergies, including eczema, black knobs, and acne.

• Empowerment of an individual’s self-control capabilities.

• Prevention of hair loss.

• Beneficial to the scalp.

• Alleviation of stress and depression.

• Beneficial to individuals with psychosomatic ailments.

• Brings peace and inner joy.

• Facilitates the regain of inner balance.


Jasper is known to be a stone of energy and strength. It is also a stone of passion and health. Individuals who bring it close to their skin or body are likely to encounter either of the following virtues;

• Relief of the digestive system. It helps to relieve constipation.

• Regulation of the liver and control of bleeding.

• The Red Jasper enhances stamina and endurance.

• The Red Jasper is also responsible for the stimulation of reproductive organs. It allows for the menstruation periods to take place without pain.

• Creation of harmony between the mind and body, enhancing understanding and sensitivity,

• Uplifts the soul by bringing joy and happiness.

• Brings a sense of tranquillity to the soul.


Labradorite is well known as the stone of transformation. The stone grounds spiritual energies, raises one’s consciousness, as well as strengthening intuition. More of this stone’s virtues include;

• Absorption of negative energies.

• Stimulation of blood circulation.

• An all-round stone beneficial the healing of all diseases.

• Beneficial in relieving rheumatism.

• Amplifies the inner capacity to please other people, enhancing friendships.

• Alleviates mental and physical fatigue.

• Absorbs headaches.

• Promotes psychic abilities.

To leverage the benefits of a labradorite stone, it is recommended to have it worn as jewellery or touchstone.


Opal is a beautiful stone that is beneficial to the immune and nervous systems. It is referred to as a gemstone of luxury due to its beauty and the benefits in the inner being of a person enhanced by the Opal stone. Here are stone virtues that define Opal;

• Promotion of sleep.

• Stimulation of positive thinking.

• Pushes individuals to act wisely and with love.

• Opal is a symbol of love, pushing an individual to remain cool and stay away from anger.

• Provides courage and strength to those who are timid.

• Provides everlasting joy, happiness, positivity, and love.

• Represents glamour and luxurious living, bestowing the wearer with the power of fulfilment.

More Health Stones

The list of precious stones used in lithotherapy is inexhaustible. Here is an outline of more of these stones;

• The acute marine

• Amethyst

• The citrine stone

• Coral

• Carnelian

• Crystal

• Diamond

• Emerald

• Garnet

• Hematite

• Jade

• Lapis lazuli

• Tiger’s Eye

• La Perle

• Moonstone

Making the Most Out of the Virtues of Health Stones

To maximise on health stone virtues, the following techniques can be applied;

1. Lay the stone in close proximity with your place of work or bed and recognise its presence throughout the day/night.

2. Carry or wear the stone at least one day in a week. Also, ensure that you change the experience after every one month.

3. Meditating on the stone, its name, or image.

Beauty Versus Benefits

While some go after the health stones for their virtues, most people are only interested in their beauty and aesthetics. However, whether you are looking for the stone for beauty or virtues, the unconscious benefits of these stones are inevitable.

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