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Published on : 14 May 20194 min reading time

Car hire services in the UK have long been a source of anger from many travellers in the UK. However, a new type of car hire service is challenging the traditional car hire model. The peer to peer car rental UK service is leading to happier customers in the UK. Companies such as are helping to cut out the intermediary. It is expected that more than 18 million people could use the service on a regular basis by 2025.

How it Works

The premise on which this service by the drivy UK works is quite simple; you simply use an app to find the car closest to you and unlock it. Cars can be hired by the day. Later on, you can return it. When you book the vehicle, you must pick the days you will need it. Each day comes with 100 miles. There is also a maximum of 600 miles for each rental. If you exceed the agreed miles, the information is updated and the amount you will pay is indicated. Besides that, you must ensure that the fuel level is as you found it. After checkout, you will be given 48 hours to request a price update for your private car rental UK. Failure to do that, you must make direct arrangements with the owner.

How Are You Sure the Car is Working Well?

Private car hire owners that use Drivy commit to ensure their car is in good condition and it is safe. While the company is not able to check all vehicles, they do insist that partners meet certain quality standards. For instance, you can file a complaint if the car was dirty or did not have the gas tank with at least ¼ tank of fuel. You will also be allowed to leave reviews about the state of the car. Eventually, if a car is bad enough, the reviews will mean no one will hire it. Besides that, the company offers roadside assistance in case the car breaks down on your trip.

Can Foreigners Rent Cars on Drivy

Drivy lets people of all nations use their service. However, each person will have to meet the conditions set forth by drivy if they want to use the service. Those with foreign licenses will need additional documents in order to check in to the service. For those with a license issued in the European Economic Area, it will be much easier to hire a car. The reason is that there is mutual recognition of driving licenses in the EU. When you hire private car rental, the license you use must be valid. Besides that, the company will not accept a temporary license or any provisional documents. If the license was not issued in the European Economic Area, you might not be able to use drivy services. You will also need an address in the UK and have less than 6 points on your UK license. Besides that, you must not have been convicted of a major driving offence in the past 5 years.

Are there Cars for those with impaired Mobility?

Yes, drivy does offer cars that are adapted for those that have reduced mobility. However, you will not be able to filter this in your search for a car. While you might not be able to filter this during the search, the listing will show if a vehicle will help you if you have impaired mobility. However, it is worth noting that these are few. Thus, it might be prudent to search elsewhere if this is the service, which you need.

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