How to plan and prepare your world tour itinerary?

Published on : 29 June 20214 min reading time

The success of a round-the-world trip depends on a wise choice of sites visited and a harmonious itinerary, all accompanied by meticulous organisation. To do this, it is important to know how to plan the stages of the round-the-world trip according to various constraints such as the budget, the time available, the interests of each participant and the specificities of the countries to be visited.

Powerful tools for planning a world tour

The evolution of technology now makes it possible to carefully prepare an itinerary for a successful world tour. Today, there are many websites and applications for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) on the Internet that make it easy to create your travel itinerary. Searching for and booking hotels, restaurants or flights, interactive maps, weather, travel guides, etc. are just a few examples of the possibilities offered by these tools.

Find the ABCs on

The planner on the site offers globetrotters the possibility to create and share their own world tour or to consult the itineraries of other Internet users, which can serve as a basic idea. Simply click on a particular route to discover information on the number of countries visited, the planned stops, as well as the flights planned for its completion. Similarly, the round-the-world budget presented gives you an idea of how much money you need to spend on your trip. This site also gives an overview of the climate of each region to be visited according to the season. This information is essential to establish the order in which you will visit the different countries and continents.

The actual planning of the route

Proper planning of a round-the-world itinerary requires the traveller to ask the right questions at the time of planning. For example, the time available for the long journey must be determined. In general, six months to a year is necessary for the globetrotter to discover a sufficient number of countries.

Whether as a couple, with children or with friends, it is important to reconcile the desires of each participant with regard to the selection of places to visit and activities to do. Of course, the budget must be taken into account in order to make the best choices.

In addition, if there is a specific event such as a carnival or festival that the traveller wishes to attend, it is important to think about this when planning the itinerary.

The average number of countries visited on a round-the-world trip is 16, but it is possible to increase or decrease this number depending on the financial possibilities and the length of the trip.

Most “tourdumondists” favour Asia, South America and Oceania in their stops, to the detriment of Africa, Europe and North America.

Practical advice on preparing an itinerary

Travel blogs and forums are valuable sources of information for preparing a round-the-world itinerary. They provide information on the sites and activities recommended by Internet users, as well as on the precautions to take.

It is also suggested that a few free days be included when planning the itinerary. This allows the traveller to visit an unexpected site or to extend the exploration of a place without risking disrupting the whole programme. Not to mention possible inconveniences such as flight delays or cancellations, road closures, or various weather hazards. It is therefore preferable to establish a circuit that is not too rigid and that leaves room for improvisation. This is what makes this type of expedition so charming.

A round-the-world trip cannot be improvised, it is an adventure that requires a long preparation. A carefully planned tour, in harmony with the time available, the budget and the profile of the participants, is one of the essential ingredients for the success of this extraordinary escape of which all travellers dream.

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