Good real estate deals in the United Kingdom

Good real estate deals

With the threat of Brexit notwithstanding, most United Kingdom property markets are still witnessing a rise in prices. The few adversely affected areas are the very high-value properties in mature markets such as London. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in real estate, the British real estate market is a good choice. However, the scales are tipped on the demand side as the supply fall short by significant margins. This means that prices are quite high across various market segments. However, you can still get good deals for several markets across the country, especially in the houses listed at Here are a few guidelines.

Know Where to Look for Property

The choice of the property for sale is based on your goals and market analysis. There are markets where housing properties are moving rather fast, and these include Northampton and Leicester. Northampton prices have risen by over 5.2% in the later 2018 to early 2019. On the other hand, Leicester has been cashing in on the high property prices in London by offering an escape to investors as it is less than an hour away from London. Both residential homeowners and companies are headed that way. Other promising markets include Coventry, Warrington and Halifax. Warrington has been benefiting from high housing prices in the nearby Manchester and Liverpool markets. If you are looking for a home, you may have to rent an apartment until conditions are right to buy one.


Do not be in a hurry to buy an apartment without good research on the property and the market as a whole. Most new investors in the British market get themselves in a fix when they fail to factor in the long-term cost of the property when insurance, financing interest and other costs that would be incurred. If you are investing in rental property, the government has stricter regulations and additional charges on such investments depending on the location of the home. Determine these amounts before committing. Even in the very expensive markets, you can still land cheap houses for sale when you do your homework right.

When it comes to research on the property, be sure that it is structurally sound, estimate how much it would cost to refurbish the home and see if there are codes and zonal regulations in the area that may affect your enjoyment of the property or any further developments on the space. Other considerations include the presence of harmful materials nearby and landfills in the vicinity. A deal is not a good one until you are sure that everything is right.

Financing is Part of the Matrix

Financing plays a significant role in the cost of the property. You may land a good deal but fail to secure favorable financing from lenders. The best way to go about it is to look for financing before going for property hunting. With this approach, you already know how much is available for financing and the terms for the loan. Therefore, you will look for flats for sale that lie within the financing range. It will also enable you to take advantage of hot deals that come up in the market from time to time.

Holiday Homes are Becoming Hot

With increased regulations on buy-to-let properties and an added 3 per cent tax on second homes in many markets, holiday homes are becoming a lucrative market. If you invest in one as a commercial holiday accommodation venture, it is treated as a trade and not an investment. It means that you can deduct the interest on your mortgage loan on the allowances from the rent and capital gains tax. However, for you to use this loophole, you must ensure your home is available for at least 210 days a year with 105 of them being available for rent. Investing in holiday homes at the coastal towns is also a way to circumnavigate restrictions on second home ownership in many markets.

Work with Real Estate Professionals

There are property market secrets that you may not know when getting into a particular market. It is always good to get insights from real estate professionals in any market. After doing your research, get a feeling of the market or the house for sale from a professional real estate agency. You do not have to follow everything that they say. However, their insight can help you make the right decisions when investing in the property market. This information could be how much it cost to rent a house in the area, the best time to buy a house and must lucrative sub-markets in the area. It is good to talk to at least two or three real estate agents to get an unbiased view of the market.

The United Kingdom the real estate market has reached its maturity. However, most markets across the country offer a good chance for property investors to land quality property deals for residential and commercial real estate investments. However, it takes patience, a good deal of research on specific markets, learning the market trends and getting favorable financing.

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