25 mars 2020
hotel in Paris

Need a luxury hotel in Paris: find the best places online

Paris is the capital city of France, and one of the most visited places in the world due to its natural beauty, iconic views, and cultural […]
11 juillet 2019
Human rights in the Islamic republic of Iran

Human rights in the Islamic republic of Iran

Iran has a reputation for flouting international human rights standards, and unfortunately it continues to live up to this reputation. In recent years, unwarranted arrests and […]
24 juin 2019
Good real estate deals

Good real estate deals in the United Kingdom

With the threat of Brexit notwithstanding, most United Kingdom property markets are still witnessing a rise in prices. The few adversely affected areas are the very […]
8 novembre 2018
visit Great Britain

The best season to visit Great Britain

Most tourists visit Great Britain during late spring and the summer seasons as the country does not experience extreme hot or cold climates. The months of […]