Tips and advice

30 mars 2020
health stones

Virtues of health stones on the body and the spirit

Since the dawn of the 21st century, individual wellbeing and wellness have become a priority, as more people resort to different forms of therapeutic courses of […]
14 mai 2019
car rental services

Traveling to the UK : rent a car online with peer to peer car rental services

Car hire services in the UK have long been a source of anger from many travellers in the UK. However, a new type of car hire […]
29 octobre 2018
green card lottery

Travel tips and advices : find out how to take part in the green card lottery

The US State Department recently launched the annual green card lottery program referred to as the DV-2020. The program was established 30 years ago with the aim of […]
13 octobre 2016
woman travelers to Paris

5 tips for solo woman travelers to Paris

Being alone and planning to go on vacation can prove to be a little tricky for some of the women… Nonetheless, there is no shortage of […]