Are you a nature and countryside lady? Here are the 5 best landscapes to enjoy!

landscapes to enjoy

Would you like to make a break and to let down the hard life of towns and cities for a moment ? Would like to breath pure air ? Do you want to discover the beauty of the nature ? Are you fond of walking on pine forests ? Here are the most amazing landscapes which are waiting for you.

Women travelers are looking for peace and rest. Most of them are fond of admiring the beauty of nature and only to relax. Many are the destinations which are popular because of their landscapes. First of all, the gorgeous beach in Australia will amaze with its 7 km white sands. A real gift offered by the nature. Secondly, the splendid waterfalls in Scotland will be among the beautiful places to visit before you die. Then, visiting the incredible Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake in Chile will also be a great experience to live. Finally, the fascinating nature’s sculpture of Bemaraha in Madagascar or the marvelous Mundulea Reserve in Namibia will not deceive any  women travelers who are fonf of nature.

Nevertheless, some precautions are to be taken.

If you like nature and environment, many are the destinations which will make your dream come true. However, before travelling, it is better to go to a travel agency to get further informations about the country you would like to visit. Running through travel frorums will also be a great help becase women travelers should be very careful while travelling solo. It is better prevent then cure.

As a conclusion, Australia, Scotland, Chile,Madagascar or Namibia offer are among the countries which will satisfy any women travelers who is fond of nature. They will have the opportunity to savour at most their journey by admiring these gorgeous landscapes. They will be able to make their dream come true. However, to avoid regret or dangers, it should be better to go to a travel agency and to ask for further informations. They may also ask their friends traveler’s opinions in travel forums. If it is possible, taking a native tourguide is preferable and always to communicate with the  native people.


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