Safety, human contact, women rights and other aspects to take into consideration

human contact

A women traveler is a courageous and a brave  woman. Indeed, a woman who travels solo may face many dangers. That is why she needs to take some precautions. Here are handy tips to consider to avoid problems, dangers, disappointment or regret.

Alone female travelers should choose the safest destinations while travelling.

First of all, before travelling, a woman traveler should always go to a travel agency or run through travel forums to find the safest destination made for her. Countries like Copenhagen in Denmark, Ottawa in Canada, Auckland in New Zealand, Helsinki in Finland, Hilo in Hawaii, Perth in Australia, Oslo in Norway, Setubal in Portugal, Malmö in Sweden and Marseille in France are considered to be the perfect destinations for women who travel alone. Secondly, they should know all about the destination they choose.  They should ask for advices to their travel agent or to friends travelers in travel forums. In short, they should be very cautious.

Women travelers should communicate with the native people also.

After choosing their destinations, women travelers should not be totally alone. To begin with, she should take a native tourguide who will show her where to go and what to do and to avoid.So that they will be more informed. Then , they should be veru friendly and sociable toward the native people. These precautions are to be taken to avoid problems, Indeed, there are many unsafe place for women where sexual assaults and physical attacks are not uncommon. In those Dngerous places, there is no res[ect of the women rights.

As a conclusion, when a woman si deciding to travel alone alone, she must take many precoutions. She should visit a travel website or a travel forum. She should ask for advices to find the safest destination for her. Then, she should be guided by someone who will know by heart the place. She should also communicate with the native people to avoid some social problems. In short, the most important thing to remember is that insecurity is most everywhere nowadays. Alone female tavelers may be subject to violence or even rapes. So, she may tavle solo without her husband and her children but she should never be alone.

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