5 tips for solo woman travelers to Paris

woman travelers to Paris

Being alone and planning to go on vacation can prove to be a little tricky for some of the women... Nonetheless, there is no shortage of secure, fun and female-friendly destinations around Europe. That’s when Paris comes to mind, the one and only French capital which is within an hour-flight from the UK.

Paris is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations for solo woman travelers, although you can always do with some tips to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Flights to Paris

Whether you’re departing from the UK or any other region in the world, experiencing any difficulty to find a non-stop flight to Paris is nearly impossible as the city is an international hub for tourists, businessmen, artists etc. If you’d rather have a comfortable and smooth journey to Paris, which most women would, avoiding low-cost carriers could be a good idea. Here we’ve picked Air France to act as an example carrier and help you get a good idea about world-class flights from the UK, their costs and the services that go with them, those flights being one from London and the other from Newcastle Flight from London to Paris Flights Newcastle Paris

Take convenient shoes

The city of light is made to be discovered on foot. Needless to say that high heels are to avoid, instead, going for stylish flats is all you need to get the full local pedestrian experience.

Enjoy the authenticity of a Parisian cafe

Don’t hesitate to carry a book with you, read it while sitting in a café’s terrace and let time pass by. Don’t have a book? Don’t worry; contemplating passers-by and the famous Parisian everyday hustle is as soothing and amusing as reading. Not to mention the one and only French cuisine, there are just too many restaurants offering a huge variety of genuine French dishes…

Metros in Paris

Sooner or later, you will need a ride home or to one of the attractions you’re planning to visit that particular day. Fortunately for you, there’s no place in Paris that’s not covered by Metros, trams, RER trains or even buses. You will be able to buy a set of tickets for each means of transport or even for all of them at a time.

Security for female travelers

Yes, the French capital is one of the most secure European destinations for women. However, being wary and careful is always a good state of mind while touring the city alone, especially at night. Try to avoid risky neighborhoods and remote underground stations and always carry a map with you in case… This website tiptravel.info/ provides travelers with information about safe travel.

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