Women traveling solo, why is it more exciting?

Women traveling solo

Most of women want to travel solo nowadays. They prefer to make a pleasant trip or vacation without their husband, their children or their friends. This phenomenon is not uncommon nowadays. So a question may be asked : why do women prefer travelling solo ?

What are the advantages of travelling solo ?

When a woman desires to travel solo, she has a real motivation. She is looking for freedom, adventure, independence and sometimes love. First of all, while travelling solo, a woman has the opportunity to do every thing she wants. She will only have to please herself. No husband , no children to take care of, she will do what she wants, she will buy what she likes. Secondly, travelling solo means adventures. A woman may be in search of a new experience. It is the opportunity for her to taste a new life. Then, a woman who travels solo is often a single woman. She looks for exotism and romance also.

The precautions to be taken.

While travelling solo, a woman should be very careful. Even if it is more exciting to travel solo, to avoid disapointment and regret, a woman should take precautions. She should go to a travel agency. She should gather all informations about the destinations. She should know all about the country. She should choose the safest destination. A woman traveler should avoid dangerous place like nightclubs as example. She shoud find a native tourguide if possible and she should be friendly to the population. So even if a woman are looking for freedom and excitement, she should be very cautious.

As a conclusion, travelling solo is very exciting for a woman. It may be an opportunity for a woman to do all she wants. Freedom and independence are waiting for them. It may be also an opportunity ,for those who are looking for romance , to make datings. Even though, a woman traveler should take all precautions needed to be safe. To conclude, before travelling, she should go a travel agency, she should know all about the country. She should take a tourguide and communicate to the native people. So, she may travel solo but a woman traveler should never be alone.

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