What makes you a real woman traveler

woman traveler

Published on : 17 February 20162 min reading time


Many questions may come to be asked to those women who « dared » to go for travelling solo. We may ask about their convictions.We may worry about their security as nowadays life is not safe at all. But as an answer, they may describe or even show us how is a real woman traveler.

What is the real motivation of a woman traveler ?

Why does a woman love travelling ? It is the best question to ask. It may be because they need liberty and freedom. They may be bored and need to taste adventures. They may want to give up their daily chores, all their houseworks for a moment. They may want to take care only of theirself for the first time. Women sometimes need to rest and to relax. They need to do what they really want for the first time. The most important thing to remember is that a woman is not a robot. She needs to rest and to please herself. These are the real motivation of a woman traveler.

How ia a woman traveler ?

First of all, a woman who dares travel solo is a courageous and brave woman.  Secondly, She is thirst of adventures. She is sometimes romantic as she may look for datings as there are many single women who hope to meet their soulmates while travelling. Then, a real woman traveler is a cautious woman. She will go to a travel agent to ask for all informations needed about the destinations, the accomodations and the means of transport. A woman may travel solo but she should not be alone.

As a conclusion, a real woman traveler has a real motivation. It may be the search of independence, freedom. Adventures, love or simply rest. Afterward, A woman traveler is courageous but careful.So, even if she is very brave, she shoul choose the safest destination as possible. Then , she should follow all tips given by a travel agency. To conclude, a real woman traveler will avoid dangers and will always go to a travel agency before choosing her destination. So, When a woman travels solo, it doesn’t mean that she  is really alone, there alway be somone who is going to help her.

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