Female travelers and explorers through history

Female travelers

As a matter of facts, we have discovered that  women have greatly marked the travel’s history. Indeed, it has been proved that traveling is one of the favourite women’s like. And throughout these years, they didn ‘ t stop making exploits. Here are some famous women travelers and explorers.

Who are those brace women ?

First of all, many women have become famous because of their love of travelling and adventure. Harriet Chalmers Adams may be taken as an example as she travelled to South Africa, Asia and South Pacific and is famous with her photographs. Ann Bancroft is popular as she is the first woman who traveled in the North and The South Pole. Dominick Arduin is still untraceable after trying to explore the North Pole by skiing. Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz and Kay Cottee is a very brave woman being the first woman to sail alone around the world. Sophia Danenberg the exponent of black women who climbed the Mount Everest. All them were among the most famous  women andventures in the world.

Secondly, Women contributed also to the history of the world.

Hester Stanhope has played a great role in archeology in Holy Land. Annie Smith Peck climbed firs the mountains in The Andes. Gertrude Bell helped the world to discover Greater Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Arabia. Alexandra David-Néel was a brave woman while travelling to Tibet even if it was closed to foreigners. Mary Kingsley was a specialist when concerning South Africa. Freya Stark was the author who made the word love the Middle East, including the Arabian deserts, Afghanistan. These women have marked the history and the world.

As a conclusion, even if there were many famous men travelers and explorers, women have not been in rest. There were women who were popular for their paasion in travelling. There were many who have succeded exploits. There were those who even lost their life while travelling solo. In addition to that, there were a lot of popular women who marked the history. They helped the world to discover a new country by writing, maping or other useful method. So, the most important thing to remember is that women played a great role in the exporations and the discoveries of the world .

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