Merge into your destination culture and traditions by talking to local women

culture and traditions

Published on : 17 February 20163 min reading time


Travelers are sometimes misleading. They sometimes miss the most important while traveling. A special destnation has its culture. It has many to offer and to explore.So,  what is the best way to discover them ? How to savour at most your trip and at the same time to improve your knowledge ?

To know more about a country, the best way to do so is to talk with the native women.

Women  play a great role in a country. They are the country’s vitrine. Indeed, by communicating with them, a traveler will have the opportunity to meet her custom and tradition. She will be the best adviser that a travelre needs. She will show him her way of life, her culture, her hopes and her worries. So, to avoid problems , disapointment or regret, a traveler , espcially a woman traveler, should communicate with a native woman. She will guide him and show himm all the treasures of her country.

Discover the hidden wealth of a country.

Some traveler are sometimes misleading and miss the most important while travelling. They are blinded by luxury hotels, and beaches. The most exciting while travelling is to meet a new culture, to discover the real treasure of a country. It may be also an opportunity to improve a traveler’s knowledge. The respect of women rights or the women’ role in the country.By this way, A traveler spends not only a very pleasant but rewarding  trip . Talking to local women will be very intersting and amazing for a real traveler.

As a conclusion, apart from turistic sites and beatiful lanscapes, a country has one other treaure to be discovered. For a real traveler, it will be a very good experience for him to know more about the traditions and the customs if one other country. The best way  to do soi s to come to the native women and to discuss with them. A traveler will know everyhting about the country’s way of life, its women’s role ,all about its culture. To conclude, if you are a real traveler, you will get the most important thing that a traveler like by talking with a local woman.

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