Tips and advice

13 octobre 2016
woman travelers to Paris

5 tips for solo woman travelers to Paris

Being alone and planning to go on vacation can prove to be a little tricky for some of the women… Nonetheless, there is no shortage of […]
17 février 2016
human contact

Safety, human contact, women rights and other aspects to take into consideration

  A women traveler is a courageous and a brave  woman. Indeed, a woman who travels solo may face many dangers. That is why she needs […]
17 février 2016
destination's social traditions

Unfortunately, you are the most affected by any destination’s social traditions

  Before traveling, it s better to run through a handy travel awebsite. It will give all informations you need about the destination which will be […]
17 février 2016
Hotels in Ile de Re

Travel and accommodations for women : Hotels in Ile de Re as an example

Women are more and more interested in travelling nowadays. Are you one of them ? If that is the case, you need to find the perfect destination […]