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Female travelers

Female travelers

Far from being a male monopoly, thirst for large spaces, natural wonders and remote islands inspired a lot of women travelers through history. Here we give you an overview about these women and give you a travel holiday guide entirely dedicated to women!

Women explorers

Back in the early eighteenth century, the translation of the famous "The Arabian Nights" was published in France and England, and from 1717, Lady Montagu traveled to Turkey, followed by other curious women explorers who went to Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Persia...

Tourism for women

While many studies have been devoted to tourism from a male point of view, experiences of women travelers, in turn, have been less well identified. Yet the number of women seeking liberty and travel experiences is constantly growing and is met by specialized travel services.

Female adventurers

Contemporary studies of Western female travelers have mostly focused on the analysis of their trips to Southern countries and their quest for sexual or romantic experiences, which doesn't really show women tourists' full potential..

Destinations for women

Like it or not, most of the time, women tend to opt for other destinations than those preferred by men...

There are destinations that are more comfortable for female travelers than others, less dangerous cities than others, countries more open than others, make the right choice. Travel The World Mag will definitely help you with that.
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As with all travelers, it is best to opt for simplicity when packing your suitcase. It is more practical in all circumstances as it insures both independence (no need to seek help to carry a huge suitcase) and speed!
Female adventurers were not only the courtesans, but also conquerers of a new type who first appeared in the 19th century. Women who wanted to be geographers, botanists, ethnologists, in short, fully-fledged explorers!

Traveling alone is an adventure that always proves to be rich in encounters, emotions and memories for all women.

Woman traveler and constraints

It's important to be aware of some drawbacks traveling implies for women. When traveling, they are usually the ones who are the most directly affected by their destinations' social conventions.