4 janvier 2022

Do female tourists have to wear hijab in Iran?

In Iran, all women, tourists, or residents must cover their hair while in public. It is not necessary to wear a hijab, but the hair must […]
15 décembre 2021

Yacht charter and boat renting: sail with or without skipper?

When you want to consider having a nice day out in the water, you might think about renting a vessel like a yacht or a boat. […]
29 juin 2021

How to plan and prepare your world tour itinerary?

The success of a round-the-world trip depends on a wise choice of sites visited and a harmonious itinerary, all accompanied by meticulous organisation. To do this, […]
30 mars 2020
health stones

Virtues of health stones on the body and the spirit

Since the dawn of the 21st century, individual wellbeing and wellness have become a priority, as more people resort to different forms of therapeutic courses of […]